Renting in Ireland Print


This guide gives you the low-down on what to expect if you are renting accommodation in Ireland and briefly describes your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.


What will it Cost?

Accommodation prices around Ireland vary considerably. Prices can range from €60 to €150, or even higher, per week depending on accommodation type and location.

Ask Landlord/Landlady

Before accepting any agreement between you and the landlord/lady:
  • Make sure you will get a receipt for your deposit paid

  • Establish will payment be monthly or weekly and what does it cover, e.g. electricity, heat

  • Ask for a rent book

  • Establish in what circumstances the landlord/lady may have access to the property

  • Ask for an inventory of what is in the house and get your landlord/lady to co-sign it with you and keep a copy

  • Get the name, address and contact phone number of your landlord/lady or his/her agent for emergencies

  • Clarify which repairs will be the responsibility of the landlord/lady

Rights as a Tenant

Your rights as a tenant include:
  • All tenants have a statutory right to quiet and peaceful possession as long as they pay the rent. Nobody (including the landlord/lady) has the right to enter a property without permission

  • You are entitled to a rent book. Its better in the long run to have one

  • A "Notice to Quit" must be given in writing at least four weeks before the actual date that you will leave

  • Non-payment of rent could result in a reduction of your rights

  • All houses rented must be registered

  • Non-payments of bills, insufficient notice of your intention to quit the tenancy and damage over and above normal wear and tear are the only circumstances under which you can lose your deposit (excluding "special circumstances")

Responsibilities of the Tenant

As a tenant, you have certain responsibilities to your landlord/lady and to your house:
  • The full amount of rent due must be paid regularly and on time

  • Keep the house in reasonable condition

  • Keep the noise to an acceptable level

  • Avoid damaging property as you are personally responsible for any damage caused to the property apart from normal wear and tear

  • Pay and discharge all charges in respect of telephone, electricity, gas unless otherwise agreed with the landlord/lady

  • As a tenant you are entitled to a rent book. The rent book should contain the address of the house and the address of the landlord/lady, amount of rent and any other charges which may occur, amount of the deposit and its purpose etc

  • The landlord/lady cannot take any of your belongings in lieu of rent

  • You also have the responsibility to those you live with, paying your bills promptly and respecting that it is their house as well


Tenants may forfeit some or all of their deposit:
  • If they do not give proper notice of leaving before the end of the tenancy agreement

  • For damage to the landlord/lady's property over and above normal wear and tear

  • For unpaid bills or rent owed